Spring 2019 (SP2019) Class Schedule

ACCTG Accounting AODA AODA Services
BADM Business Administration ART Art
BARCOS Barber/Cosmetology CHEMT Chemical Technology
BRHLTH Business Related Health CHILDD Child Development
CLOTH Clothing ECON Economics
COMPSW Computer Software EDF Educational Foundations
EBUS e-Business ENG English
ENTREP Entrepreneurship
FLANG Foreign Language
ENVHEL Environmental Heath GENENG English - Prepared Learner Initiative
FIN Finance
GENREA Reading - Prepared Learner Initiative
HRMGT Human Resources Management GENST General Studies
INTP Interpreter Technician
HIST History
IT Information Technology HUMSVC Human Services
ITDEV IT Programming/Development MATGEN Mathematics - Prepared Learner Initiative
ITNET IT Networking MATH Mathematics
ITSEC IT Security MUSIC Music
ITSUP IT Support NATSCI Natural Science
LOGMGT Logistics - Trans/Matls PHYED Physical Ed
MEET Meeting & Event Planning PSYCH Psychology
MGTDEV Management Development SOCSCI Social Science
MKTG Marketing SPEECH Speech Communication
OFTECH Office Technology
PLEGAL Paralegal    
RBUS Related Business    
RELART Related Art  
RLEST Real Estate  
RSPBEV Responsible Beverage
UPHOL Upholstery    
ANIM Animation TV Telecasting
CAS Creative Advertising Strategist AUDIO Audio Production
COMART Commercial Art EPROD eProduction
CRAFTS Crafts    
CSG Computer Simulation and Gaming    
GRDS Graphic Design    
PHOTO Photography    
VICOM Visual Communication    
WEBDEV Web and Digital Media Design    
BAKING Baking ABS Automated Building Systems
CULART Culinary Arts ARCHT Architectural Technology
CULMGT Culinary Management ARCHDR Architectural Drafting
HOTEL Hotel/Hospitality AUTO2 Auto
    CIVIL Civil Engineering Technology
    ELCTEC Electronic Technology
    EMS Emergency Medical Services
    FIRE Fire Sciences
    HORT Horticulture
    HVAC2 Air Cond & Refrig Technology
    INDSGN Interior Design
    INDVTS Individualized Technical Studies
    MATRLS Materials Technology
    MCDESG Mechanical Design Technology
    POLICE Police Science
    QETECH Quality Engineering Technology
    SUSTN Sustainability
    WELDTC Welding Technology
APPSVC Appliance Servicing CAREER Career Education
AUTO1 Auto Maintenance Technician COMMB1 Comm/Basic Skills Level 1
AUTOBY Auto/Chassis-Finish COMMB2 Comm/Basic Skills Level 2
AVITEC Aviation Technician COMMB3 Comm/Basic Skills Level 3
CABMIL Cabinetmaking & Millwork COMMB4 Comm/Basic Skills Level 4
CARP Carpentry COMMB5 Comm/Basic Skills Level 5
CNC Computer Numerical Control COMMB6 Comm/Basic Skills Level 6
CONSTR Construction Trades General COMMHS Commun/Adult High School
DIESEL Diesel & Powertrain Servicing COMPUB Computer Basics-Adult Basic Education
DRIVED Driver Education ENGB6 English/Basic Skills Level 6
ELECTY Electricity ENGPH English/Post-High School
HVAC1 Air Conditioning Refrig & Heat ESL English as a Second Language
HYDPNU Hydraulics-Pneumatic HISTHS History-Adult High School
MACHTL Machine Tool HLTHHS Health-Adult High School
MASON Bricklaying,& Masonry MAGED Math for GED
MCYCLE Motorcycle/Moped Driver Ed. MAGEDA Math for GED Algebra Skills
MDRAFT Mech. & Computer Drafting MAGEDQ Math for GED Quantitative
MTLGY Metallurgy MATHB1 Math/Basic Skills Level 1
PAINT Painting & Decorating MATHB2 Math/Basic Skills Level 2
PLUMB Plumbing MATHB3 Math/Basic Skills Level 3
POWENG Power Engineering MATHB4 Math/Basic Skills Level 4
SHEETM Sheet Metal MATHB5 Math/Basic Skills Level 5
SMENG Small Engine MATHB6 Math/Basic Skills Level 6
SPRFIT Sprinkler Fitting MATHHS Math/Adult High School
TDMKG Tool & Die Making MATHPH Math/Post-High School
TRCKDR Truck Driving READB1 Reading/Beginning Basic Skills
WELD Welding READB2 Reading/Basic Skills Level 2
    READB3 Reading/Basic Skills Level 3
    READB4 Reading/Basic Skills Level 4
    READB5 Reading/Basic Skills Level 5
    READB6 Reading/Basic Skills Level 6
    READPH Reading/Post-High School
    RLGED Reading and Language for GED
    RLGEDE Reading and Language Extended
    RLGEDF Reading and Language Fundamentals
    SCIB3 Science/Basic Skills Level 3
    SCIB6 Science/Basic Skills Level 6
    SCIGED Science for GED
    SCIHS Science/Adult High School
    SCIPH Science/Post-High School
    SOCB6 Soc Sci/Basic Skills Level 6
    SOCGED Social Studies for GED
    SOCHS Soc Sci/Adult High School
ANTECH Anesthesia Technology    
CLABT Clinical Laboratory Technician
CVTECH Cardiovascular Technology
DENAST Dental Assistant
DENHYG Dental Hygiene
DIETNT Dietetic Technician
DLABT Dental Laboratory Technology
FUNERL Funeral Services
HEALTH Health Courses
HIT Health Information Technology
HSM Healthcare Systems Management
MEDAST Medical Assistant
MEDINT Medical Interpreting
MLABT Medical Laboratory Technology
NRSAD Associate Degree Nursing
NRSNA Nursing Assistant
NRSPN Practical Nursing
NURSAD Associate Degree Nursing
OTASST Occupational Therapy Assistant
PHARMT Pharmacy Technician
PTASST Physical Therapist Assistant
RADT Radiologic Technology
RDIAT Renal Dialysis
RESPC Respiratory Therapy
SURGT Surgical Technology